DWA  Lattice Tower Dubai Waterfront Area

The building design is based on a guiding geometrical system, in which a series of different helix-structures are generated to define the construction logic of the tower. The facade is imagined as a perforated and twisted surface, and a void is cut through the building to be used for lighting and circulation.


The building complex is a multi-functional hybrid with varied uses. It contains a main tower, which is primarily residential, and an exclusive 6-level high shopping area with a surrounding arcade that shadows the inner shops.


Lattice Tower: Public areas such as the lobby, pool, and Lattice restaurant and lounge are arranged on the ground and first floor, providing direct access from the exterior, while the Lattice gym and spa are afforded a panoramic view, split across the 12th and 22nd floors. Residential apartments occupy the interstitial floors, with parking below grade.

Lattice exclusive Shopping Area: Retail space is distributed over 6 levels.
The lowest level links the shopping mall to the tower in the form of an indoor/outdoor promenade.


Main structure: The main structure is formed by a bionic parametric system. The structure utilizes a primary beam system of composite steel. The bent beams with variable sections will be prefabricated as hollow steel-tubes, transported and mounted. The load capacity, joint stiffness and the required fire resistance of the steel beams and pillars can be reached through the informed introduction of concrete. In this particular structural system, concrete formwork will not be needed. This system is superior in the sense of economy and speed of erection.

Facade Substructure: The substructure of the facade is planned as a reinforced concrete-net. The structures will be made up of a series of ring formations, condensed based on the format of the bionic prime structure. The width of the net corresponds with the dimensions of the plates of the surface to avoid tertiary beams. The inner bearing walls, pillars and ceilings are true composite systems. The achievable span for the composite ceiling system is approximately 25m with a maximum structural depth of about 40 cm, allowing for open, flexible floor plates.

Project Start-End: 
2007/05 - 2007/06
Madinat al Arab
Service phases: 
HOA PL§3 1-2, HOAI 1-3

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Christoph Eppacher, Alexander Mühlauer, Paul Mandler