SMP  Silvius Magnago Square

All social and political dynamics are reflected in public space. Therefore public squares show the significant social, political and historic processes of change in our society. They contain the factors which form the city and its identity. Public spaces are, as well as social and communal platforms, stages of interpersonal and personal attention. Today, too, the square serves the public as a display of local foci, unanswered questions and developmental processes of society. The social function of the place is undisputed, its self-understanding is a prerequisite of democratic place. The gestalt of architecture generated the possibility for the square to meet this demand.

THE MULTILATERAL OBJECT. [multilateral : versatile and equitable]

The multilateral object is an urban, spatial structure capable of integrating various functions and demands. The object is positioned to, on the one hand, visually integrate the park landscape to the west and, on the other hand, block out the street. It borders the square and through this relationship, defines its proportion and center. The multifunctional, geometrically versatile structure serves as seating space, viewing plateau, grand stand for events and, eventually, as a stage itself. Furthermore, the object integrates contextual components, such as the Laurin fountain, as well as functional requirements such as lighting.

The Laurin fountain is positioned on the square as a historically-charged sculpture. Rather than begin placed on a base block, but on the same level as the beholder, it is possible to reinterpret the history of the group of figures.

The materiality of the spatial structure is preferably thought to be a dark natural stone, such as basalt or serpentinite. Realization with an alternative material such as wood [Thermo Ash] or EPDM rubber would also be possible.

The surface of the square is homogenized by removing the natural stone layer and applying mastic asphalt. Resulting from the placement of furniture, visual and animated axes are created and reinforced. The planters are preserved and extended to also serve a seating function, now shaped like rings. The bollards, shifted towards the square, prevent vehicular access. As a result of this, parking spots for bicycles and motorbikes are more easily accessible and the barrier towards the street space is removed. At the same time, the fire brigade access road remains unchanged.

Project Start-End: 
2012/03 - 2012/06
Competition (invitation)
Service phases: 
HOA PL§3 1-2, HOAI 1-3

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Peter Griebel, Daniel Luckeneder